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My Story

I really love Scentsy. I have two cats and a VERY sensitive nose. But even before litter boxes were a problem, I had a dog and, though I love his corn chip smelling toes, he could make the house smell funky every now and then. Scentsy came to the rescue 5 years ago and now it not only brightens my home, it very simply brings me joy.

Living with Stage 4 Breast Cancer at such a young age, I want to make as many memories with the time that I have. I want my family to smell maple and think of us laughing in the kitchen and playing board games. I want my husband to smell blackberry vanilla in his car and smile. I want my friends to see the special warmer they got from me and know that I'm thinking of them too.

Your sense of smell can bring back so many memories in just one whiff. Coffee beans cheer you up in the morning as you smell the steam rising from your cup. The tangy scent of citrus wakes up your senses with its cleansing aroma and nothing can make you feel more cozy and warm than I nice splash of vanilla. These scents can remind you of drinking coffee on the porch of a rental house on the beach, sipping lemonade at a family reunion, and baking fresh cookies with grandma. Make your own memories jump back with beautifully crafted scents.